About Me

Most puppy owners have a lot of questions about “how to”; How to train my puppy to come when called, how to potty train, how to stop my puppy from biting and barking, how to raise a well-behaved puppy etc. In this blog, I’ll give you the answers to all these how-to questions.

Here you’ll not only find answers to why your puppy behaves as she does but also how to change unwanted behavior through easy, specific solutions and actionable tips.

I love dogs and after having trained multiple award-winning hunting dogs as well as trained hundreds of new puppy owners in my own personal offline courses, I’m happy to pass on what I know about training happy and healthy puppies in this blog as well.

My name is Lene Kaufmann and one of my biggest passions in life is dogs and dog training. I’m a professional dog trainer, having personal offline courses in Denmark where I live, as well as writing this blog, making online courses and online coaching to help train puppies and puppy owners all over the world. My training philosophy is using positive choice based training methods to make your puppy regard you as the most important in life.

So please sign up to become a part of our community or get in touch with me personally if you are interested in online coaching. Reading my blog posts will answer a lot of questions but might also help you in ways you have not yet thought about. Get my advice on where to start here.

I’m looking forward to hear from you and will enjoy reading your comments and questions in the future!

I believe that dogs can be the greatest source of happiness and fulfillment, and it all starts by building the right foundation with your young puppy. I would love to help you do this!