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This video introduces the course as well as myself personally. We will cover the overall outline of the course so that you can see how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together nicely.



Dog Training Fundamentals

This section on dog training fundamentals will cover how dogs learn, including the 4-step positive training framework for teaching your dog anything, as well mastering your own mindset when it comes to dog training. Finally, it outlines how to train your dog to be a good student meaning that it is ready to work and eager to learn.

[Video 1] In this video we go into the importance of dog training fundamentals.


[Video 2] This video covers how dogs learn including the four-step positive training framework for teach your dog anything. Here we explorer key subjects such as the timing of your praise, whether or not to use a clicker as well as the importance of controlling the environment when dog training. Finally, we go into your mindset as you are training your dog.


[Video 3] This video will focus on making your dog a great student. This is a key aspect of teaching your dog anything and it will help you in other areas of your dog training as well. We cover rewarding attention being paid to you, how to teach impulse control as well as talk about how to control excitement levels for training purposes. We also cover how to motivate your dog as well as the optimal lenght and frequency of your training sessions.


Preparing For Loose Leash Walking

Until now I have shared the most important fundamental training advice with you including how dogs learn, the 4-step positive training framework for teaching your dog anything as well mastering your own mindset when it comes to dog training. You have also learned how to train your dog to become a good student that is eager to learn and ready to work.

This section will give you an indepth understanding of why your dogs is pulling on the lead. By knowing this you will be in an even better position when it comes to removing this behavior. In addition to this you will get my personal best practice tips for ensuring productive loose leash walking sessions and we’ll cover what equipment you need for your walks.


Loose Leash Walking Exercises:

This section is where all the action takes place 🙂 Here I’ll take you through the process of teaching your dog loose leash walking step by step.

Video 1-4 will cover exercises that will help you build a habit with your dog to stay by your side while walking. In a perfect world these four exercises would be would be all that you would ever need in order to enjoy peaceful and relaxing loose leash walks with your dog. However, the world is a messy place full of interesting smells and other dogs and humans – and all need exploring. For this reason, you will sometimes need some tools for how to deal with a distracted dog that is pulling to teach your dog that pulling is not the way to get what you want – this is exactly what we will cover in video 5-6 of this section.


[Video 1]  This video will introduce the seven exercises you will need to conquer loose leash walking as well as provide you with some helpful guidelines to ensure your training success.


[Video 2] Exercise One: The Attention Exercise


[Video 3] Exercize Two: Establishing The Treat Zone


[Video 4] Exercise Three: One Step Sit


[Video 5] Exercise Four: Monty Python Silly Walks


[Video 6] Dealing With Obstacles And Troubleshooting Your Dog Walk: Three Helpful Exercises To Help You Stay On Track


Summing It All Up

This video sums up what you’ve been taught in this courses as well as how it all works together.


Bringing It All Together: Loose Leash Walking In The “Real World”

In this video I will show you exactly how to utilize all of the exercises that you’ve been shown so far in a real scenario. For this reason, I’ve invited you to tag along on one of my training walks so you can see how and where the different training exercises come into play.


Bonus Video: Establishing the Treat Zone With a Brand New Puppy

In this video I will show you exactly how to start establishing the treat zone with a completely “fresh” puppy. This puppy had never been inside a house before and you can see how we lure the puppy into position and the reward the right choice. This excellently showcases the four-step framework for teaching your puppy anything in action.