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My Mission is to Help You And Your Puppy

Welcome to I’m so glad to see you here and I’m looking forward to being your wing(wo)man in your daily life with your puppy and your dog.

Even if this is not your first puppy, you might have forgotten what it is like to have such a fantastic creature; How to potty train your puppy, how to stop her from jumping up, barking, biting, how to make her come when called etc

I’m here to walk you through these very common challenges using only positive choice based training methods. This means you will teach your puppy to make the choices you want her to by rewarding what she does right and ignoring what she does wrong. Not scolding and never punishing, just ignoring unwanted behavior and rewarding wanted behavior. Simple, but efficient.

This way you’ll get a puppy that seeks out you! She’ll seek your attention and praise instead of a puppy that will fear and avoid you.

Luca, Atlas and their siblings

The Purpose of My Blog is For Your Puppy to Develop Into a Confident, Loving And Happy Dog

My sole purpose with this blog is to help you train your puppy the best possible way. I would love for all puppies to grow up to be confident, loving and happy dogs due to you and your fellow puppy owners perfect training.

Training your puppy there are some obvious things you need to deal with as eg potty training. However, there are also very important training you’ll not know you have neglected until your puppy is growing older as eg socializing your puppy.

To have the best starting point for training your puppy, I’ll recommend you to read the overview and basics before you read on a specific problem. This way you’ll be best equipped to understand your puppy and have the full benefit of your training together – both of you.

When you want to read about it:

Puppy training overview:
How to raise a well-behaved puppy

The basics:
How to socialize a puppy
How to get your puppy’s attention
How to crate train your puppy – and why you should do this
How to discipline a puppy

Specific puppy challenges:
How to train your puppy to come when called 
How to teach your puppy to walk nicely on a leash
How to stop puppy biting
How to stop jumping up
How to reduce barking
The Ultimate guide to Potty training
Potty training in apartments
How to train your puppy to stay home alone

Lene Kaufmann and Atlas
Lene Kaufmann and Atlas

Brief Definitions of The Key Terms I Use on My Site

You’ll notice that I refer to puppy as “her”. I know you might have a puppy that is a “him” and I’m not into any gender discrimination. But to me a puppy is so much more than a “it”, so I’ve just decided to use “her” instead.

Also I’m nearly always referring to a puppy. However, most of the exercises will work on a dog as well, although you need to be a bit more patient teaching a grown dog.

It is also important to clarify that to me “praise” or “reward” means that you, in the precise moment your puppy does the right thing, mark this behavior with a certain word or a click from a clicker. This is the most important part of the praise – that the puppy knows exactly what she did right, because you stress this at the precise moment it happens, using your marking-word or a clicker. Then you can support this with either more words or treats or toys or what will make the puppy happy and give value to the click or word.



Totally relaxed – on the couch of course…!