Finally Enjoy Peaceful and Relaxing Loose Leash Dog Walks

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Is this how your dog experiences your walks?

Make sure to listen to this story about walks told by an anonymous dog:

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It’s a fine Saturday morning. I have been awake FOR AGES waiting for my owner and master to wake up and realize that today there is all the time in the world to play with me and take me for a walk.

From Monday till Friday we just go outside for me to pee, but on the weekends she’s home ALL DAY and we can be together all the time. It used to be fantastic when I was still a puppy, we played and walked for hours. Not so much lately, but I’m sure today will be different.

I’ll do anything to show my master that I love her… including when we go for a walk. When I was growing up she always loved it when I went completely bonkers as she put on my leash and we headed for the door. She’s not so easily pleased with it anymore, but I just try harder.

It’s the same when we get outside the door. I do what she loved when I was a puppy – I pull the leash to show her how much I appreciate that she takes me for a walk and to lead the way – as a puppy, I could find the most amazing things following my nose and she used to get super excited with me. Now I sometimes wonder if what I find and lead her to does not please her since she often seems to get annoyed… Never mind, I’m larger and much stronger now, so it’s so easy for me to pull very hard and show her I still love her and I still love our walks and also to lead her in the right direction.

Sadly we don’t go for walks so much now. And it feels as if she does not want to play with me all the time either. If she would just show me what she wanted I would happily do it. 

Because I love her. And I miss our walks.

OH, OH, OH, now I can hear her at the door, it’s SUPER exciting, soon I’ll be able to greet her and tell her I love her – and maybe today we’ll go for a long walk. I hope!


So, how does the story end? Well, that is up to you.

First, take a moment to consider: Could this ever happen in your home? And if this was the thoughts and feelings of your dog, what will you do the next time it’s time for a long walk? In order to create a happy ending to the story the first step is to realize that you might need help. The sad truth is that most dog owners are never properly taught how to teach their dogs to walk nicely on a loose leash.

For many people, a regular dog walk includes having your arm yanked until it aches while your dog is crossing back and forth so you constantly stumble across the leash. Very early on your walk, you start wanting to get back to the house as soon as possible – feeling embarrassed and frustrated. Worst of all is the feeling that you and your dog are not a team. You get annoyed and don’t understand why your beloved dog won’t listen to you. This frustrated feeling can even affect other parts of your relationship as well. You might not be as inclined to train or play with your dog if you are still annoyed from your walk.

This is bad enough, but having a dog that pulls on the leash can have even more unexpected consequences.

Banfield’s State of Pet Health Report from 2017 show that dog obesity has increased by 158% in the last four years – leaving roughly ⅓ of all pet dogs obese. Dog obesity has been linked to more than 20 diseases and ultimately leads to higher medical bills and worse life quality for your four-legged companion. 

Beyond the health benefits of having a well-exercised dog, you’ll find that there is a multitude of behavioral issues that stem from dogs not getting a sufficient amount of exercise. Dogs with excess amounts of energy will tend to bark more, to jump up on people and to be more likely to bite furniture, shoes, and just about whatever you have lying around.  Finally, having an overexcited dog, due to lack of exercise, can make your other training efforts harder. When dogs are overexcited it can be tough to get their attention and you’ll find it harder to succeed using positive training methods.

The primary way to combat dog obesity and overexcitement is through long and regular dog walks. But long dog walks are an unrealistic expectation until you teach your dog to walk nicely on a loose leash. Teaching your dog to walk nicely on a loose leash will significantly improve your relationship with your dog. You will be able to enjoy each other’s company and help to keep each other fit at the same time.


Introducing The Loose Leash Walking Video Course

My name is Lene Kaufmann – I come from Denmark and I’m a professional dog trainer and breeder. I have trained multiple award-winning hunting dogs and in addition to training my own dogs, I’ve taught hundreds of dogs and dog owners in my offline training courses.

One of the most common issues that my students have faced, is teaching the dog how to walk nicely on a loose leash. Helping countless of my students overcome this challenge in our one-on-one sessions have given me a unique understanding of how to best approach this particular problem.

This means that the exact step-by-step process that you are going to be following through this course has been tried and tested – and it works! You get all the necessary steps for success in the exact order that you need them so that you can get the fastest possible results.

This video course includes 2 hours and 30 minutes of video dedicated specifically to teaching you loose leash walking.

The course will take you through everything you need to know, including teaching your dog to be a good student, ie. being attentive and waiting to be instructed, as well as mastering your inner-psychology as it relates to dog training. We cover the specific equipment you will need and go over the reasons for why dogs pull the leash in the first place. In addition to this, we will go over the 6 must-have exercises you will need in the exact order you will need them. These exercises are shown thoroughly and are accompanied by easy to print-out training checklists so that you will know exactly how to perform the exercises. Finally, you will see how I bring all of these points together in an actual live loose leash walking training video around the neighborhood.

Here is a small sample of some of the material we will cover in this course:

  • Dog Psychology Made Simple: The 4-Step Positive Training Framework For Teaching Your Dog Anything
  • Discovering What Motivates Your Dog: Being Aware Of Food Versus Toy Desire
  • Setting Your Dog Up For Success: Uncovering Your Dog’s Top Distractions
  • Mastering Your Inner-Psychology: The Mental Framework For Training Success
  • Preparing For The Walk: Understanding Why Dogs Pull And How To Prevent Common Causes
  • The Full List Of Equipment You Will Need Including My Personal Recommendations
  • Trust The System: The 6 Must-Have Exercises You Will Need In The Order You Will Need Them (Including Checklists On Performing These Exercises Properly)
  • Loose Leash Walking Troubleshooting Tips: Exercises For Unexpected Situations
  • Bringing It All Together: Loose Leash Walking In The Real World


Now, you can get immediate access to all of the above in this tried and tested loose leash walking video course for only $49.

To put this in perspective, I charge $100 an hour for one-on-one sessions and getting this information through personal classes would easily cost you at least $300-500. In this format, you would not be able to go back and rewatch the material or access it whenever you please.

Alternatively, you could pick up a $10 book on all things dog training and try to learn all the steps for yourself. This can be a great option, but dog training is very visual and while you can get a lot of great information from books it can be tough to directly apply that information in a good way. This could lead to you potentially wasting a lot of time compared to following this tried and tested step-by-step training system.

You might consider doing an offline course or another online course. Now, I love offline courses and I think they are great for a lot of things.  I should know because I’ve run offline dog courses for hundreds and hundreds of dogs and dog owners by now. It will probably be more expensive and you will get less personal face-to-face time due to the team setting. It is also worth remembering, that training loose leash walking requires you to be able to control the environment and distractions that your dog faces. This makes focusing completely on loose leash walking tough to do in an offline team course as there will be other dogs.

Finally, there are also other online courses. What really makes mine different is the focus on explaining the why and how and not just the what. This means you are in a much better position to understand your dog’s point of view and thereby making your training more effective. Whereas most other courses out there simply just provide you with the training exercises and leave it at that. My one-on-one experience teaching this to many students allows me to better understand not only the exercises needed but the entire step-by-step system you will need to follow for getting success fast.

You could also just do nothing and end up struggling with dog walking for the rest of your time with your four-legged companion. Being so annoyed with your dog pulling, that you will think twice before walking the dog in order to avoid the daily struggle.

Think of how much joy you’ll miss out on, both you and your dog. Walking through the neighborhood or the woods enjoying each other’s company is one of the biggest joys of being a dog owner.

As you can see, there is really nothing that can beat this level of information in this specific format for this investment.

You can get access instantly and you will have lifetime access to the material. Finally, I offer a 30-day full refund period with no questions asked. I take all the risk because I know that my video course can help you get the results you want.

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What other people are saying:

  • This has been a great learning experience both for me and my dog. And even if you do not think you get the big results every time, be patient and the result will show in the end. You will be so surprised of what you have learned at the end of this course? 
  • If someone asked me about training at Lene’s? I would say go for it. I strongly recommend dog training from Lene. 
  • It’s so easy to understand and the training is always in respect of my dog 
  • Get ready for great enthusiasm and passion 🙂 
  • I would like to give my warmest recommendation to Lene, as there are good explanations for the exercises, and all is very understandable. 
  • Just go for it, you are about to make a really good choice and your dog will think so too!


Will this course work for me and my dog?

This course will work for you both if you have a puppy or a full-grown dog, but the sooner you get to train loose leash walking the better. As dogs will learn from their previous experiences whether we want them to or not. This means that you might need to be a bit more patient if you are training a full-grown dog but it is definitely possible!


Will this save me time?

Since this process has been tried and tested on countless happy students I’m confident that this process will help you save a lot of time. The course outlines everything you need to know in the exact order that you need it – you can’t go wrong.


How is this course different from anything else out there

This video course has a solid focus on the whole. You will learn the whys of dog pulling, not only understanding what to do but why to do it. Instead of simply giving you the exercises you will need, I give you the background for understanding how to make your dog a good student, and then go in depth and explain how these training exercises fit into your training schedule and what exact behaviors they are meant to train. Knowing this, you will have an easier time adjusting your own training and constantly knowing that you are moving in the right direction. Finally, we provide a real-life training walk that showcases how to use all of these exercises in real life.

Once you have gone through this course, you will have the knowledge and the exact step-by-step plan you need to master loose leash walking for good. You can look forward to enjoying relaxing and peaceful walks together with your four-legged family member, knowing you understand each other and work as a team.


Click the “Get Instant Access” button below and be on your way to dog walking bliss within the next few minutes.

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