The Distraction List & 4-Step Framework Worksheets

Download these proven worksheets to determine how to teach your dog anything and discover what distracts your dog so you can plan your training accordingly.

What You'll Learn

Use your 4-step training framework and distraction list to drive all your dog training efforts: recall, loose leash walking, other basic commands as well as all the funny tricks you might want her to do.

The 4-step training framework worksheets are the key element of  positive dog training and the distraction list is what you need to boost your dog’s obedience/strengthen your dog’s behavior.

Remember, dog training is a journey you are on, not a destination. It’s a process in which your dog gets better and better, but rarely in a straight line. However, you need to always challenge your dog to make sure she grows and you can not do this without your very own distraction list.

​g accordingly.

The 4-step training framework and distraction list worksheets are the backbone of all positive dog training.

Employ the “lure-treat-cue” hack to systematically teach your dog new behaviors like clockwork.

Get crystal clear on the 4 characteristics you’ll need to determine for each behavior you’re looking to train (or you’ll never get consistent results).

Fill out the distraction list to customize your training approach to YOUR dog. With the distraction list you’ll know exactly how to set up your dog for success.

Lene Kaufmann - Owner of Kaufmann’s Puppy Training

"Whenever I work with dog, whether it be a puppy or grown dog, I always start by mapping the distractions and current abilities of the dog. The distraction list and 4-step training framework worksheets are invaluable for bringing clarity here.

Download these worksheets and get a clear plan for how to teach any new behavior and how to increase the difficulty without going too far with YOUR dog. It just flat out works."